The short story is: These "white stretchy plugs in wounds that don't heal" is very likely a misunderstanding of normal healing signs, and patterns of inflammation/keratinization gone a bit awry in a context of chronic wounding. Some big some small. So if you have one and while digging around for it you hurt the skin around it then more plugs form. Underneath the scab is demodex. Might be related to our problem. Recently I found information on Pityrosporum (Malassezia) folliculitis, describing something similar: Intrafollicular deposits of mucin are sometimes present. I am on month 4 and I am so glad my dermatologist recommended it to me. so i researched on it and alot said they were keratin plugs and are there because its your bodys response (initial healing) theyre there for a reason so dont try to get them out. I say that to say this: DONT BOTHER MESSING WITH THEM. Acne. I poked a needle in the scalp blister or whatever n blood was just pouring out..n same..feels like same plugs in there too, Ive been dealing with the same **** every way u r cuts then the white plugs that r hard clear sore appearance looks like blister but underneath them freaking plugs I now have them on finger nails feet almost everywhere even the palm of my hand is horribly destroyed from these waxy miserable plugs but I used Burts bee chap stick and they r actually coming I swear to god they r clearing up!!! But, for me, they are so painful to the touch when the plug is in there! These plugs are parasites. I recommend checking out youtube videos of molloscum contagiosum removal to see if it resembles your symptoms. I always used bandaids and they dont help and Ive bought so many. It seems to get stuck then finally pull out (very gratifying). White woms are real!!!! In my shower today, the plugs were falling out by themselves. Skin cancer. One told me I was basically crazy and have morgellans the other just said your doing this to yourself stop picking. I am looking for posts of people with these symptoms and posting my answer in hopes it can help some of you. Picture of White Bumps (Milia) Milia are tiny, hard white bumps that appear on your skin. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Don't buy branded chemical soups. Areas of skin covered by a bathing suit, such as the torso and buttocks, are the most common sites. If so, you may be suffering from a fungal infection. No diagnosis, nothing helps. Those hairs get a little thicker and will sometimes fall out as the egg evolves into an adult mite. I have horrible scaring on my face and over the two years Ive had it, the spots have gotten bigger and most recently I had a horribly painful infestation around the crease of my nostril which remained for over 6 months - very painful, very ugly. I got Hibiclens from CVS, dampened my face with warm water and then massaged Hibiclens into my face for a few mins. I have rosacea but am concerned about a yeast overgrowth and demodex also. I can scrape it with my fingernail and have a bunch of tiny lol speckled grainy stuff that comes out.. (The plugs) .they don't stop coming.. before i knew this the open wound would just scab and fall off over and over again and usually the scab was yellow so i thought it was infected. Although he is a sweet man I know this is much more. sp11969 ~ what are the details? I hope this helps!!! Even if they still had plugs in them. Do the nodules or plugs ever cluster or develop underneath your skin? A cracked scab may be uncomfortable, and an infection can develop under the scab. My face is still healing but no new ones have appeared and I feel like using this as a wash consistently will prove to also be a strong preventative treatment. And the wounds on my scalp dont heal. had dermatologist cut the whole thing off my neck once and they could not figure out what it was!! It gradually shrank with the combined use of these two things. Involved follicles are dilated and often plugged with keratinous material and debris. They just dig down deeper if you try to pull them out with tweezers. They are not bumps. Dr. Kathy Robinson answered. Noninflammatory sebum plugs include blackheads and whiteheads. I have the same skin issues (I think) as others mention. Also I heard that sulfure treatments help too! It's been 10 years of hell dealing with it. The scabs don't want to heal with these plugs in there and they won't stop coming back. Leaves small crater in skin. I even took photos but she thinks I am I don't know what she thinks but I am am tired of not being believed! The hairs will simply detach and the mite will stay in your pore. The hairs will simply detach and the mite will stay in your pore. What you said makes perfect sense if it is in fact, a toxin of some sort, which would make sense in his case and mine possibly. I have lost faith in MD's honestly. Finally, I have found that retinol 0.25% is helping my wounds close faster and scar less. The. Just be sure to not reuse anything! I have read a lot of posts about skin stuff and maybe you will find about your disease here but I don't promise they have some cure or 100% answer for you. If the sore is opened up it re-inflames everything all over again. I had a total of around 15 removed from my arms and legs. It all starts out with the a pimple. (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. I've treated these just like everybody else with everything but the kitchen sink. You are correct that is the other post about these plugs. Sarcoptic mange, also known as canine scabies, spreads easily among dogs and can also be transmitted to people, but the parasites don't survive on humans. These super-fine hairy things is hair that has abnormally formed by these hair follicles and is growing under the skin. And I agree with your previous poster that they dry up very quickly once they are removed if you just go in and dig for the plug(which I do if they hurt really bad). I think that the white plugs are some sort of root and that when picked, they are opened and revived again. I used Pierces All Purpose Nu-Stock. I've had this problem for aprox 15 years. This coupled with bleach baths have been so far the cleanest and most effective treatment for me. The original poster talks of a white rubbery plug rooted deep in the middle of problematic acne-type sores. I highly recommend Syntol by Andrew Arthur Medical to everyone fighting a fungal infection as it's an oral supplement containing many yeast digesting enzymes in addition to multiple strains of probiotic spores (spore germination = betterrecolonization of good bacteria). It starts with a little bump, then it gets painful, hot, and even caused headaches. Thicker edges almost making the ulcer look deeper. As a wound heals there is a white/ gray color at the base of the wound called granulation tissue.Many times this can be confused with pus.Apply gentle pressure around the wound to see if there is any expression of this tissue as pus will drain and granulation (healing) tissue will not. I have been dealing with this since the summer of 2018my current lesion is in the exact same spot that started it allin the T zone next to my eyebrow, and a bit above. Good luck! It seems that the sulfur unbinded them for my skin. Hormone replacement therapy caused me to start breaking out and the white plugs and sores that last for months appeared. And then I left it on there for another 10 mins. Sebaceous cysts are white, yellow, or flesh-colored soft bumps under the skin. They are not clustered, and to not appear to be due to heat or reactions to food. Look up carpet tack sign-if you think this is what youre seeing it is likely discoid lupus. We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. Omg this sounds exactly like what I have!!! I hope this helps! Find your worth. This of course leaves a scar but until these little white plugs are out, the sore won't heal. Your skin normally creates oil (sebum), and thanks to gravity, they travel into your pores like water swirling down a drain. Wow, Im so glad you responded with such an insightful thought ( reaction to some sort of medication)! I've been to a couple of dermatologist with no help. I thought i had a cyst on my chin but once it started draining it turned way worse. I don't know what you have pal. Once this break is plugged, wound healing causes the clot to eventually becomes a hard protective crust on the surface known as a scab. Scabs are found on superficial or partial-thickness wounds. Then, vacuum really good, and spray EVERYTHING again. These organisms are sometimes budding. I didn't want to risk reinfection & I wanted to kill it all. They have, what I call venom (for lack of a better word), that causes a sever immune response. IVERMECTIN DOSES ARE DETERMINED BY WEIGHT. I'm seriously hoping this is the cure. Scientists a while back have created a synthetic uriac acid which I've been able to find in some employment type foot creams. They can disappear in infants but often need surgical or medical treatment in older patients. The plugs are about 10 times larger than the largest skin mite that I've seen pictures of. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I believe these plugs are glands that supply the skin with oil. It also seems that no matter what is done they still need to run their full course which is usually anywhere from 2 to 3 months for me per lesion. Same problem here for three year. The formation of a scab is part of the healing process as skin grows over the wound. What I can tell you guys for sure is that I do not have morgellons, I do not have ringworm, I do not have parasites, I do not have molluscum contagiosum, I do not have a neurotic picking disorder, but what I do you have is destroying me from the outside in and the inside out. as a result, the skin came off and i saw white plugs. The below is a forum entry made by one of our community members. First: Use Ivermectin to kill the mid-stage mites. Never use bar soaps with harsh detergents as these can strip the skin of its natural oil. It's just a matter of not picking the scab for about 24-48 hours during the healing. An electrical burn is a burn that results from electricity passing through the body causing rapid injury. This helps bring them to the surface so you can kill them with 100% tea tree oil when they are doused in it. I think it is a very resistant ringworm fungus and it may take internal anti fungal medicine strong enough to attack it from the inside as you put a topical on also! old male, at the turn of the year I seem to have developed / caught some sort of Skin problem. I don't get them very oftenbut when I do, That's how it all starts. Oddly enough, the product I found to work BEST topically is a nasal wash I found at Walgreens called ALKALOL. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. There are 2 kinds that live on your face. The only thing that really help them heal quick is Manuka Honey. There is a mild chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate around the infundibular portion of the follicle. I have been using Manuka Oil on my face for about one week and almost every one of my scabs/sores are gone. To heal my wounds I use Savlon antiseptic liquid, and they begin to dry up quite quickly. Has anyone come across aquired perferating dermatosis?? Thanks for the input though. Hey there, I have a similar issue going on. Its so frustrating I never had acne and now Im damn near 40 with this terrible crap on my face. No one understands the plug must come out, then a real hard scab and regular healing. Many on and under chin, above eye broq, in both creases of mouth, now spreading all over chest. After doing my own research, I discovered I had severe yeast (candida albicans) overgrowth in my digestive tract & lungs, which made me susceptible to other fungal infections, including aspergillus which caused white sacks/spikes rooted deep in my skin to pop up on my ears, face, neck, thighs & chest. I try leaving it alone, but after a few days the raised spot feels tingly & alive (for lack of a better word). Asked for Female, 36 Years But, BELIEVE ME, you do not want to be infested with these things. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it. Just when I think its gojng away its back like it heals on top, then I can feel the pressure building in the evenings. It's been 6 months since I posted here. There are 2 kinds that live on your face. I have had it for 8 + years with no definitive dgs. He didn't want me to. They itch like hell Ive had punch biopsys and used chemo cream . Location: Covers all or part of the wound bed. The round white nodule on the bottom-left of the mammogram above, looks like it might be inside the breast. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Nice summary. When the pregnant female comes out, it looks kind of like a regular pimple. Back to acquired perforating dermatosis a.k.a. Ive noticed medhelp helps those that are suffering feel less alone in their fight for healing. I have this with acne that started with a birth control definitely being part of it but not all. They aren't ringworm. i've had two biopsies and the only results were lichen simplex cronicitus(the result of excess sctatching). When you take them or they dry up instantly its so wierd . Also, the role ofdemodex mites in rosace was referenced. Permethren is not really toxic to humans, and its odorless once it dries (PLEASE READ THE PACKAGING THOROUGLY). The adult mites are NOTHING NICE. Vigorous scrubbing or removal of hair follicle plugs may irritate the skin and worsen the condition. I have doxycycline to take, I wonder if it would have the same effect as Minocycline? They are found most often in the follicle, but following rupture they can also be found in the perifollicular inflammatory exudate. Looks like you have an overgrowth. The trick for me is to stay well hydrated and to dry them out without trying out the scab. A wound has natural healing stages: After a wound bleeds and clots, a scab starts to form. Omg. Most of the lesions have healed up, but have left some bad scars. (Like an exoskeleton) to protect itself. However, they don't go away til every last plug (or demodex) is gone. Spirano-Lactone is a wonderful drug for calming this condition. EdenMT 7 months ago. Even for MRSA. It was about 2mm long. The 3rd dermatologist, the one I'm seeing now, knew right away what the problem was. Been battling all summer til now and am currently. Dr. Sewa Legha answered Medical Oncology 52 years experience May need biopsy: Anything that does not heal after one month requires a check by a dermatologist to make sure that it is not skin cancer. A yellow scab usually indicates infection under the top crusty layer. I know how hard it is to resist but believe me it works./// For me, these glands move toward the surface when there is a break in the skin that is usually caused by a pimple. Just give Hibiclens a try. For me, it's because my body doesn't know how to metabolize some types of medications. I have had this for the last year and a half and all I get from my dr is antibiotic ointment and a firm "stop picking at them"! there is a spot on my nose that i've rubbed raw washing, trying to get these "things" out of my pores. I have the same problem! I've noticed that over the past month or so I have had small red blood spots appearing on my right Eczema around eyes - Any Treatment advice? Id rather it just go away, but I have very brief periods that it looks as tho it is and unfortunately those times have been when my appointments are taking place. Have you been to a dermatologist specifically or just your regular doctor? Like you, Ive suffered a condition exactly as the above summary describes. I've experienced all of the same things everyone is describing: stretchy white plugs that are rooted and can only be pulled out with tweezers.

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