As always, it is important to bring these concerns and questions to your doctor who is familiar with your medical history and current conditions. I noticed some yellow bruises on my left leg and foot but have not banged against anything that would have caused them. There is no reason for them to be there as I didnt hurt myself. Sometimes Ill wake up and notice these CRAZYYYYYY big bruises and Im aware its from scratching bc in some occasions you can see where my finger nails were steady digging in. And 4 bruises under left arm pit. I think you should go see your doctor. To find the cause of your bruising, your health care provider will likely do a physical exam and ask questions about your symptoms and medical history. I have a purple bruise at my left waistline above my hip. Hi Margelin, We cannot provide medical advice on this platform. Just trying to find answers. Luckily, if your anemic, it's an easy fix. Randomly last month, my pinky toe on my left foot had become numb. privacy practices. Hi I am having bruises on my forearm and around my knees too. I've got exact same thing from skateboarding, ankle keeps growing, there's bruising but no pain, kinda worried it might be something serious, My left arm has been hurting on the under side and now for the 2nd time there is a bruise about 3 inches long and a lot of small bumps on scalp and it feels like my back is braking out , headache and stomach hurts. He said they don't hurt and never knew they were there. We cannot give individualized medical advice on our blog. Thank you for contacting us. Your doctor should always welcome your questions and concerns; there is no reason to feel stupid. Accessed March 14, 2022. Hi! Hey, Allison. Hi, Ivey. WebBruises form when small blood vessels under the skin tear or rupture, most often from a bump or fall. I sleptwalked last Friday night and completely missed a flight of 4 stairs, landing hard on my bottom on the landing of the steps. I am wondering if you may know why the whole of my left leg and foot, from hip to toes, is reddened and bruised and painful? No diagnosis so far, my doc is kind of puzzled by the whole thing. It became more worrisome over the 3 days that it continued to persist. Questions regarding your slipped discs and discoloration really are most appropriate for your primary care team who knows your medical history, current conditions and medications best. She ended up going to the ER at night and they noticed bruising on her upper groin area. WebBruising on the back of the hands and arms is common. Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we can not offer medical advice on this platform. They don't hurt, he hasn't hit his leg or fallen or done anything dangerous because it could be disastrous for his long term recovery. ive never done anything the day before or the night before to cause them forming they just sort of showed up. We cannot provide individualized medical advice on this forum. As always, we do suggest bringing this concern to your provider during your next appointment. This means even a small bump causes the skin to bleed from underneath. Have you shared that diary with your primary care provider? WebScore: 4.2/5 (59 votes) . Hi, Paulette. He/she can best help you. Unexplained bruising is very common and heals relatively quickly. Cold hands accompanied by color changes can be a result of circulatory disturbances or injury. Since you cant offer medical advice, do you have experiences where an influx of people have complained about this and then replied with anything the medical community has diagnosed them with? I woke up with one bruises with I thought was something normal , but then i got more on my thighs.It seem like it has spread. We strongly recommend reaching out to your doctor about the bruising you are experiencing as soon as possible. Your doctor knows your medical history and current conditions best. I do suggest you contact your doctor if you're concerned or if your bruise shows any of these signs and symptoms: 1. You expect them to diagnose/advise you based on a few words in the reply section? If you are a Marshfield Clinic patient, you can contact your provider through messaging via My Marshfield Clinic: His dentist told him it is possible it comes from teeth-grinding which my brother does in his sleep a lot. The good news is that most bruises arent a big deal even if you cant explain them, saidShannon Jahn, aMarshfield Clinic Oncology/HematologyNurse Practitioner. We cannot give individualized medical advice on our blog. The Shine365 comment policy explains this: i started taking adderall daily about two months ago. We talk about this more in our comment policy:, We recommend you contact your child's pediatrician or ask about his bruises at his next regular appointment. Should I be concerned? Tell your health care provider or pharmacist if a medication makes you dizzy or sleepy. Do you have any ideas what could be the cause? Todayday 4 it doesn't hurt unless touched but I found 2 more serious looking bruises on the same arm that were not there yesterday. Vitamin C or K deficiency, bleeding disorders such as hemophilia or Von Willebrand disease, or cancer can cause bruising. Lana. These people want REAL answers, actual HELPFUL things. Easy bruising. Anti depressants are a cause of bruising, but thats an very unusual place. There are red scratches by the bruise as well. Your doctor is most aware of your medical history and can best advise you. I am 32 and disabled due to muscle bone and joint deterioration, and am in limbo waiting for double hip replacements because the drs say I'm too young for the procedure due to the inability of the replacement mechanisms to last. Can you give me an answer to what is going on. It sounds like you may have what is called Pityriasis rosea. Easy bruising can result from abnormalities affecting the blood vessels themselves, the surrounding skin and subcutaneous structures, platelet number and function, or coagulation cascade function. If you do not have a medical provider, but are looking for one, you can find our list of doctors and their contact information here: I did have cervical cancer about 10 yrs ago and I do have low iron and have to take supplements so I'm use to minor bruises but nothing like this. Blood platelets are specific cells that exist within the blood. Kayla. Im having a lot of nausea and loss of appetite, fatigue, protein, blood, and ketones in my urine, and I fight pericarditis and fluid around my heart daily. He/she can best answer your question. They can ask you questions about your conditions, medications and medical history, which helps them give you the most accurate answer and guidance. Some people especially women are more prone to bruising than others. Thats EXACTLY what I was thinking! The bruises eventually go after a few weeks but then more appear. Im in my late 50s. I had my legs crossed with on foot on the other for maybe five minutes. These days, you HAVE to be your own advocate. I have the exact same issue. We recommend you bring this question to your provider who best knows your medical history and current conditions. We suggest reaching out to your primary care provider. I dont want to be wasting their time for a couple of bruises if its nothing. You notice a lot more bruises than normal or bruises in unusual places (back, abdomen and upper thighs). Bruising usually occurs as a Plus purple dots are appearing on the skin.low grade fever. Hi, Callie. I was wondering if you could give any indication as to what the culprit may be. Saturday morning I had a bruise already forming on my left butt cheek with numbness on part of it. I meant that they are half blue and half yellow. Hi i have been getting random spots on my body where I feel like its brusing up but when I look there I dont see an actual bruise I can only feel it, and it is all over my body. So I have different shapes and coloured bruises all over my legs, one leg is worse than the other. We cannot provide individualized medical advice on our blog and strongly suggest you contact your doctor anytime you become concerned with your health. Great, I'm always bruised and just noticed today a whole string of little dot bruises are all over my upper left thigh going up in a like a constellation. My back had been hurting for a few weeks before it showed up and it's been there for a while now it will lighten up for a day or two and go back to being a really dark. I have 2 very large very dark red looks like bruises on my lower abdomen. A bruise often forms while the outer layer of skin is still intact and it changes the color of the visible layers of skin. Maybe I stepped the wrong way. If you're worried, your parents can help you make an appointment with your doctor, or you can ask about the bruises at your next regular appointment. -Kirstie, Hi Mady, Im experiencing the exact same thing at the moment. Im scheduled for a surgery in February and I am concerned. I am not a medical professional in any way. If youve recently overdone it at t But i wonder where it came from. If you're waiting to see your doctor, you can try online resources like WebMD:, Hi i am 26 and i keep getting bruises all over my legs including my upper thighs. These form when blood pools under your skin. My aunt could barely walk because of swelling ankles, etc. Sometimes in cases of urticaria, bruising can be skin discoloration. Thank you for reading and reaching out, Dee. It usually occurs on the hands and feet and may extend onto the arms and legs. We recommend talking to your primary care provider. About 4-5 weeks ago I noticed a bruise on my abdomen, above and to the right of my navel. You NEVER seek medical advice on social media. They can best advise you due to their knowledge of your medical history and past conditions. This may be concerning for a possible underlying bleeding disorder and should be reported. I did then have a bruise present, under my pinky toe, on the side of my pinky toe, and the padding underneath my pinky toe. This bruise occurred in 2019. Is this normal? We are unable to provide medical advice on this platform. Beth We cannot give individualized medical advice on our blog. Hi, Amy. First time experience n see them. I do have SKIPPED CYCLE for about 2 months yet, there's still bruises. I have for about 2 months or more now had pain in my right from swelling around my inner ankle and strange little white bumps that sometimes itch along with sever bruising (not from an injury on the top of my foot. We don't know enough about your medical history, current conditions or medications to thoroughly answer your questions. What happened or may be happening? I am on my 6th day of antibiotics. WebThere are several medication forms which can cause bruises on arms and other body parts by thinning the blood down. Thanks for reaching out. Its also possible that unexplained bruises, or blood spots under the skin that look like bruises, can point to more serious concerns, including: Effects of medications or supplements, such as aspirin, anticoagulants (blood thinners), corticosteroids, and dietary supplements, including fish oil, ginkgo, ginger, and garlic Theres no pain. WebUnexplained skin marks, including tiny red or purple dots (petechiae), red or purple patches (purpura), bruises (ecchymoses), or small blood vessels that are widened and therefore visible in the skin or mucous membranes (telangiectasias) Skin Symptoms That Suggest a Bleeding Disorder Telangiectasias on the Hand DR P. MARAZZI/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY He/she can best help you. I have deep purple bruise in between thigh and scrotum. I have always bruised easy. She should get these bruises checked out, and be seen by a provider for additional health history and work-up. But after blacking out 2 times and finding myself in an emergency room I quit for about a year and then switched to the large cans of beers. We suggest bringing these concerns to your doctor at your next appointment. If you havent had a recent straining event, they may indicate a more serious medical condition. Did it finally go away? Most bruises eventually disappear as the body reabsorbs the blood, although healing might take longer as you age. We recommend reaching out to your doctor about the bruising you are experiencing. Im experiencing bruising on both groins and legs. Aplastic anemia is a medical condition characterized by not only a low count of red blood cells To all of you who have concerns about unexplained bruisingit can be a sign of candida (yeast) overgrowth in your system or an underlying bacterial infectionboth will cause random bruising on the skin., If you're a Marshfield Clinic Health System patient and would like to get the appointment process started, you can submit a request here: Hi, Im an 18 year old girl and Ive got a scar on my foot from my childhood but there is purple bruising round the scar, it doesnt hurt but it has been like this for years is this normal? information and will only use or disclose that information as set forth in our notice of Hi, Mary. Its about an inch long. god bless u & ur health! I have never seen a bruise this color. We understand it can be frustrating not to have an exact answer when you just dont feel well. They are sore. It is not responsible for us to provide suggestions without context. 5. Should I be concerned? I have about 11 bruises; all around the same size, in a circle shape on the back of my left lower leg. As a result it come out that my Neutrophils are a bit higher, i am alarmed considering the fact that my family have history of cancer. What Causes Random Bruising?Intense exercise. Intense exercise can leave you with more than just sore muscles. Medication. Certain medications make you more susceptible to bruising. Nutrient deficiency. Vitamins perform many important functions in your blood. Diabetes. Von Willebrand disease. Thrombophilia. Accessed March 14, 2022. This is why it is important to bring these concerns forward to a primary care provider. I have another bigger bruise on my right arm I noticed it a day or two earlier. They can best advise you due to their knowledge of your medical history and past conditions. Thank you. If you experience easy bruising when youre on methotrexate, you should call your doctor immediately. -Kirstie. If you follow this regime, the unexplained bruising will stop. I have been told I have amazing patience, but I'm thinking you have me beat! I was just on here hoping for answers to a problem Im having. Thank you for contacting us. In the meantime, web resources like WebMD might provide some guidance for you:, I dont think thats stupid at all. If it is a skin yeast "infection" you could try taking Acidophilus caplets, the yeast do not like it. I occasionally get unexplained bruising on top of feet. Thanks for reaching out. It is about as big as a 2 coin and it is dark almost black now. Elsevier; 2020. Accessed March 14, 2022. We reached out to an oncology/hematology nurse practitioner on our team and here was her advice: "Sometimes bruises come out of nowhere because we dont always notice when or if we bumped against something or were grabbed by someone or working outside (sometimes new activities such as yardwork after a long winter of doing nothing) now brings sore muscles or bumps/bruises without even realizing. This is particularly true as we get older and our skin thins. Hi my name is Kyle, and frequently as every 2 3 days i get bruises that show up on either my left or right arm in random areas never below the elbow though. Peggy I shared your question with Candy: Hi Peggy, I have a bruise at my chest together with my upper thighs, they appeared without me noticing coz' it's not sore at all,should i worry? Good luck to you & I hope you're feeling better. I didn't bang it, give birth, had an injury or anything even close to that. I have a bruise on my lower leg since July last year. A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. We cannot provide individualized medical advice on this forum. We recommend reaching out your doctor about the bruising you are experiencing. I wish you the best! Theyre on my inner thigh and I know its not trauma related . In the entire valley there.

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