What is a Hybrid Course?

Students will have access to all course content and will interact with the instructors and their peers through the virtual campus. The learning resources available include:

➔ Interactive modules

➔ Short 5 – 7-minute instructional videos

➔ Self-assessments

➔ Assignments

➔ Goal Setting

➔ Discussion Fora

➔ Reading material and recommended sources

➔ Webinar sessions with instructors

➔ Peer coaching

➔ One-on-One Coaching with Instructor

Each of the 6-week 120-minute classes is filled with class discussion, small group breakouts, peer coaching, and instructor feedback. There is also work in between each course throughout the 6 weeks . Homework will be assigned in between each weekly session.

Current Course Offerings

Becoming a Master Strategist

Ever wonder why some people and organizations are so successful?  They plan and strategize well!  If you’ve been struggling to grow and strengthen your organization, attract more members, increase impact, and solve some of its biggest challenges – it’s not your fault.  Most people get lots of advice from experts claiming to have ONE perfect solution to organizational bottlenecks.  But the truth is, there is NO, one-size-fits-all solution that guarantees more impacts, members, and resources.  The REAL solution is to figure out what’s right for YOUR organization; to develop and learn new skills and capacities so that you can adopt strategies that will take you where you want to go.  

In this class, you’ll discover: 
  • The little-known skills that will help you crush your goals
  • Why so many of your efforts don’t seem to move the needle,  and what to do instead
  • How to find the most effective solution for your situation
  • The success ingredient that your goals are missing
  • How to identify the weak links in your plan
  • How to save yourself time, work, and stress by focusing on the RIGHT problems
  • How to see 10 steps ahead in any situation
  • A simple tool to help you identify what to work on NOW – so you’re always confident you’re moving on the right path
Who should participate?

This course is designed for any professional interested in building the fundamentals needed to lead in a rapidly changing environment, as well as for those interested in increasing their leadership and organizational skills focusing on planning and leading strategic change. Anyone, regardless of their leadership responsibilities, will benefit from cultivating stronger planning skills as the foundation for stewarding and guiding an organization, network, team, local union, labor council, non-profit, any other organizational ecology that aspires to impact change at the systems level will definitely benefit from this course.

Listening as Leadership: Building a Coaching Culture at Work

Managing with Labor's Values Coming this Fall

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